" Naturally cleanses, leaving my skin glowing and feeling refreshed "

-Julia Richards, Westmoorings

With naturally skin clearing results and an ever-growing following, no wonder everyone is ditching their typical soaps for these naturally Magic Bars.

Who are we?

Established in 2009, Fine Soaps Ltd is a family owned premium soap manufacturing company based in Trinidad & Tobago, and is known for pioneering the category of commercial luxury grade soap infused with organic and natural ingredients in the local market. Our soaps are made with natural ingredients and devoid of synthetic or harmful chemicals, staying true to the vision of providing luxurious, affordable and sustainable skincare to all. We have received thousands of accolades from customers across the globe over the years as we strive to become the household name for fine quality natural skincare both regionally and internationally.
We always stand by our high quality standards, ensuring that each and every one of our Fine Soaps Family members receives the best bath experience possible. 

We always say; if your shower is not an extra-ordinary experience, then you are using the wrong soap. Do your skin a favour and make the switch to naturally healthy & glowing skin with our Natural Blends face & body bar today.