" Naturally cleanses, leaving my skin glowing and feeling refreshed "

-Julia Richards, Westmoorings

With naturally skin clearing results and an ever-growing following, no wonder everyone is ditching their typical soaps for these naturally Magic Bars.

Who are we?

Started in 2009, Fine Soaps Ltd is a family owned company who is dedicated to satisfying their customers, usually referred to as the “Fine Soaps Family”. Each and every day, we receive countless positive reviews from our customers, which constantly fuel us to continue pursuing our goal of becoming the #1 household name in Trinidad & Tobago, and eventually the World.
We always stand by our high quality standards, ensuring that each and every one of our Fine Soaps Family members receives the best bath experience possible. We always say “if your bath time is not enjoyable, then you are using the wrong soap”. 

Do yourself a favour and make the switch; begin your journey to naturally healthier skin today.